TJ McKay

TJ McKay began his entertaining career at the ripe age of 7. Unfortunately for his family and teachers,  he continued to polish and refine his quick wit and entertaining skills until college when he got his first live radio job.  He continued for several decades as a full time, drive time radio broadcaster and has managed radio stations as Program Director in five different states including Texas, Idaho, Ohio, Georgia and South Carolina. TJ knows all genres of music quite well and how to read and understand people. He is not afraid of a microphone or large crowds one bit, and knows well when to talk and when not to. He founded TJ McKay Entertainment in Columbia in the late 80’s. Since then he has successfully entertained at thousands of Weddings, parties, fundraisers and Midlands community events. Tj’s goal is always to make the client and their guests happy pure and simple.  Now semi-retired from the ever shrinking live radio business (managed by corporations in other states), TJ plans and executes successful events and Weddings full-time. He knows what Brides and Grooms like, how to read the guests and how to ascetically set up equipment and lights. As his business continues to grow across the South East, he hand selects a staff with the same passion and integrity for quality entertainment. TJ also founded “Columbia Photo Booths”, a top shelf REAL photo booth company that has been blessed with incredible success across the Carolina’s.

DJ or a band?

The DJ can make or break your event. While there are great bands around South Carolina, a lot of hem specialize in just one kind of music. A good DJ can play a variety of music from all eras when needed, then focus on certain style when it is time (ie: the more wilder music later on). A professional DJ can read your crowd of guests, making sure everyone has a great time and leaves with a smile on their face. The versatility of a good DJ is simply unmatched by most bands, and cost effective too. There is also the fact that a skilled DJ can talk with… and work your crowd while most musicians good or … not so good, simply don’t have that experience under their belt. TJ McKay entertainment offers this kind of intuitive service.

Our Guarantee
When you contract TJ McKay Entertainment, we are committed  to bring all of our experience in music, state of the art audio  and visual equipment, lighting and our polished people skills together to  make your event as memorable as possible. Anything should earn you a 100% money back guarantee. With the  internet full of “discount” and “fly by night” DJ services, we pride ourselves in offering quality, honest services so you will keep calling us time and time again. We keep our prices in the mid-range because anything higher is really robbery and  anything lower may get you a person who may not even show up.  TJ McKay Entertainment is a Christian owned and operated business. While we do love Top 40, EDM, Hip Hop and Rock and Roll- we only play edited versions of song that may contain explicit lyrics.

Our Promise to You  We are Passionate about quality sound, lighting, music and entertainment. This is what we do and have done for over three decades. No matter how small or how large your Wedding or event may be, we give 110% to make it a success.  Our goal is that you and your guests have a blast.  It is not uncommon for a guest to leave an event giving us a hi-five and saying “Best DJ Ever“.  This leaves you with the ultimate goal… “Best Party Ever”!

TJ McKay – Owner/Founder/CEO