Our Equipment

Cutting Edge Sound and Lighting technology

With an emphasis on the creative

Often we are asked “What types of equipment do you use?  This is most common with Grooms.   While the Bride is working hard to plan the ENTIRE wedding, the Groom simply wants to know what the DJ is bringing (lol).   We bring a lot of equipment including backup of everything.  However, when we are finished setting up  it won’t look like a lot to you or your guests.

We arrive quite early to set it up and test it.


Every event system is tailored to your needs and the venue. Whether it’s a birthday party in a small house, to an event with several thousand in attendance at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, we fit the systems first for the best possible acoustics and then for the best appearance.

We always go by the rule that less is more… so we make as small as a footprint possible giving you and your guest room to move and we are less noticeable.  It’s your party, you are the stars!!

For outdoor Weddings the same rules apply.  We have special systems small enough to be less noticeable, but sufficient in power and sound quality so everyone can hear the music and the microphones well.  We always plan strategically to set up our equipment in a way that the DJ out of the way and no speakers or equipment will appear in the ceremony photos or videos.  We are almost invisible.  *Unless someone decides to snap a shot of us of course.



We always carry backup equipment in case something fails.  With 30 + years of audio, video I.T and electrical experience, we know our “stuff”.   We also upgrade our sound and lights on a regular basis, not only to keep them dependable, but to stay with new technology. And its fun.




TJ is often accused of being a gadget fanatic, which is good for you.  This means if it is cutting edge, we probably use it.

If you want to know brands here’s some of the types of equipment we use JBL, Peavey, Allen and Heath, Yamaha, Dell, Chauvet and Bose.

And of course Starbucks.