Intuitive DJs

After years of programming winning radio stations in a handful of states and thousands of Weddings and other events, our founder came up with the phrase: “Intuitive DJ”.   Our best guess is that about one out of every 100 DJ’s have this talent.  It’s may be something they have worked very hard for however we see as a gift.  A gift to be used to make people smile.  There is a spectrum of DJ’s in all facets of music and entertainment.  You have your announcers with big booming voices, you have your comedian’s, you have your music specialists,  and you have your mixers who can seamlessly weave an artistic web of music together by ear only.  A lot of good DJ’s posses several of these skills and hopefully have polished them well.

There is another skill that has only recently been named.  “Intuitive DJing”.   An intuitive DJ can look at a crowd, listen to guests and knows what they want.  Sometimes he or she knows better than the guest or listener could put into words.  They feel the crowd and read them like a book.  They listen to requests and find the perfect song that not only will please the one individual who asked for it, but most of the other guests will love it as well. They are an artist, weaving a masterpiece filled with music from different genres, styles and types.  An intuitive DJ will tap into the emotions of your guests and can bring them up or take them down.  The perfect songs placed in the perfect order tailored to the exact mix of guests on and off the dance floor, with a few well placed spoken words in just the right inflection timed just right as the “icing on the cake.”  The end result? Everyone has a blast.  People leave a little bet happier than they arrived.   People take time to tell the DJ “Wow that was great”!   It is not uncommon to have a guest or a client, come up and hug the DJ at the end of an event and say something like “Thank you so much”, or “You were awesome!”.

The truth is…. an “intuitive DJ” simply  brings out the awesomeness in you.  It’s your party, you and your guests are the real stars not the DJ.   You will spot one of these DJ’s by their lack of arrogance and boisterousness.  They are polished, confident and yet humble.  They fully understand that being able to host your party is truly an honor and not to be taken lightly.

Our DJ’s are hand selected because they have this gift.  You will see it.

BTW – Our DJ’s don’t wear cheesy hats to draw attention to themselves.  It’s just not our way.