A DJ or a Band?

  • There are some very talented artists and bands in the Carolina’s.  We cannot stress how much we respect what they do and how gifted they are.
  • The fact remains that they have polished their skills on one or two styles of music and most Wedding & events need a wide variety of music styles to succeed.
  • And then there’s the ability to play almost any guest request.

A band or a DJ?

The DJ can make or break your event.  While there are great bands around South Carolina, a lot of hem specialize in just one kind of music. A good DJ can play a variety of music from all eras when needed, then focus on certain style when it is time (ie: the more wilder music later on). A professional DJ can read your crowd of guests, making sure everyone has a great time and leaves with a smile on their face. The versatility of a good DJ is simply unmatched by most bands, and cost effective too. There is also the fact that a skilled DJ can talk with… and work your crowd while most musicians good or … not so good, simply don’t have that experience under their belt. TJ McKay entertainment offers this kind of intuitive service.

Versatility of types of Wedding or Event entertainment

Professional Disc Jockey 100%
A local Band 60%
Uncle Joe and his guitar 9%